deHuge Returns!

COD 2019 is sure to be special for many reasons – one of them being the return of deHuge to the fold!

Yes – 10 years after his last COD appearance at Mount Gambier, the former Stryker Cup winner is saddling up that big driver and adding some spice to COD 2019.  Of course, that last outing finished ignominiously and prompted this classic COD quote from The Elegance:


Hopefully a more demure and mature deHuge this time around, although those rumours of microwaving his Gold Coast Suns membership card still persist.

Despite being a somehow respected figure in the caravan and camping industry, deHuge is still that fanboy from the Woodville Cheer Squad that we all grew up with.

1 thought on “deHuge Returns!”

  1. favourite DeHuge moment … at aforementioned last outing … gets himself into a greenside bunker … goes down to examine the lie … not pretty … so turns to his playing partners and says “ this” … picks it up and throws it onto the green!


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