Don’t just take our word for it – read what these luminaries think of the Mouth of COD Invitational….

“Tony just doesn’t have an off button.”

Steve Cairns

“Even lab rats learn eventually”.

Dr Tushy

“My career collapsed the moment I shook Dunnngo’s hand”.

Tiger Woods

“Call me a boring old fuck, but if pissing over the greens and bunkers of a golf course is the level of behaviour that the COD has morphed into, leave me out”.

The Elegance

“I can’t believe the bullshit these guys go on with.  It’s like Intervarsity for old blokes”.

Iggy Pop

“Write off 2010 but don’t write off the friendships and good times that can be had”.


“I don’t mind the COD, just so long as it’s not in Coomealla”.

Soft Bock

“Joining the COD improved my self esteem – I realised there were other seemingly normal educated people who also lose their shit on the golf course”.

Mike Sheahan

“My life has become an empty wasteland since I was excommunicated from the COD”.


“The COD is a great place to abuse your body”.

The Hoff