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Tony Mellen is the founding father and Dick Dastardly of the COD and has been a tournament fixture since its inception.


“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste….”


Jeff de Heus is another founding father of the COD and its moral guardian.

The Elegance

Another founding father of the COD, Chris Palmer has also been known at various times as El Gamble and Shorty Amour.


Neville Atkinson has almost had a mortgage on the Green Jacket in recent years.

Mike Sheahan

Peter McConnell has seen off all doofuses to be the last true hacker on the COD roster.

Dr Tushy

A very popular member of the COD circuit, Russell Shute is set to return in 2018!

Iggy Pop

Ian MacDonald burst on to the COD scene in sensational fashion in 2016 by taking out the Green Jacket AND the Auld Mug.

Jimmy DeMerit

James Lawson is a very talented golfer who has scaled the heights to Green Jacket glory.