Rogues Gallery

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Dave de Heus has appeared on and off on the COD circuit for many years.

Mr Joshua

Dave Caire is a former Notcha Cup SA captain who was a solid COD competitor for many years.


Sean Stryker was the COD mainstay who became the panto villain.

The Hoff

Dave Kent was a large presence at the COD – with a large appetite for destruction, on and off the course.

Shuter McGavin

Matthew Shute is a 3-time Green Jacket winner – will he ever return to the COD?

Soft Bock

Jason Bockmann is an enigma wrapped in a mystery.


Chris James would have to rank amongst the very worst golfers to have appeared on the COD Tour.


Adrian Carle was a mate of Swampie’s who lined up at several CODs.


Neil Kirkhope was yet another alcoholic workmate of Swampie’s.