COD 2016

In 2016 the COD returned to the Wimmera region, namely the Horsham and Chalambar Golf Clubs.  It was great to return to Horsham after having to abandon in 2009 due to the Black Saturday bushfires.

Day 1

Play started at Royal Horsham pretty close to the scheduled 12.30 tee time with the following handicaps:

  • Nifty                            9
  • Iggy Pop                      9
  • Duuungo                    14
  • Hujakate                    18
  • Indahouse                  18
  • Mike Sheahan           30

Playing groups were:

  • Iggy, Hujakate, Sheahan
  • Nifty, Duuungo, Inda

Horsham was in magnificent condition.  The long drive in the Commodore had seemingly no effect on the Taylor Made long drive for Nifty as the usually conservative defending champion used his driver to great effect on the way to an 81, thus being the scratch and net winner for the day.  Iggy came with big wraps and kept pace with an 83.  The rest disappointed, in particular Duungo who had also come with big wraps.

Notable Incidents – Iggy’s white skivvy reminiscent of Seve Ballesteros and his hair blowing into his face on the tee.

After Day 1:

Green Jacket Auld Mug
81        Nifty 72        Nifty
83        Iggy 74        Iggy
98        Duuungo, Hujakate 80        Hujakate
108      Inda 84        Duuungo
115      Sheahan 85        Sheahan
90        Inda

We were lucky to avoid a bit of a downpour at the end of the first round.


Day 2

Play got started before the scheduled 8.32 and 8.39 tee times with the following handicaps:

  • Nifty                            9
  • Iggy Pop                      10
  • Duuungo                     20
  • Hujakate                      22
  • Indahouse                   27
  • Mike Sheahan             36

Playing groups were:

  • Iggy, Duuungo, Sheahan
  • Nifty, Hujakate, Inda

Roles appeared to be reversed as the leaders gave ground and those who disappointed on Day 1 came good.  Inda, in particular, was the big improver in carding a 91 net 64 to be the net winner for the day.  Scratch honours were a three way tie on 88 between Nifty, Iggy and the improving Duuungo.

Notable Incidents – Inda chipping in from 20 metres on the 18th.  Hujakate playing from beyond the practice green in front of a strong gallery of club members.  Serial offender Duuungo playing the wrong ball not once but twice.

After Day 2:

Green Jacket Auld Mug
169      Nifty (81,88) 151      Nifty (72,79)
171      Iggy (83,88) 152      Iggy (74,78), Duuungo (84,68)
186      Duuungo (98,88) 153      Hujakate (80,73)
193      Hujakate (98,95) 154      Inda (90,64)
199      Inda (108,91) 160      Sheahan (85,75)
226      Sheahan (115,111)  

A misty start.


The 9th.



Inda at the 18th.  This bunker shot flew over the green – from where Inda calmly chipped in from 20-odd metres.


Duuungo lagged this monster right up to the hole.


No, Huja is not practising – he has overshot the 18th by a long way and has to chip back over the practice putting green.  That bloke isn’t hailing the shot; he’s doing the “quiet please”.


Day 3

Day 3 saw play move to Royal Chalambar, just outside Ararat, after a one hour drive through fog.  We were obviously a few days late to catch a “champion” hoop:


Play got started bang on the scheduled 9.00 tee time with the following handicaps:

  • Nifty                            12
  • Iggy Pop                      13
  • Duuungo                     16
  • Indahouse                   19
  • Hujakate                      22
  • Mike Sheahan             37

Playing groups were:

  • Hujakate, Duuungo, Sheahan
  • Nifty, Iggy, Inda


Chalambar is ostensibly an easier course, but the condition of some of the fairways was a little substandard as they were affected by some sort of bug which gave them the appearance and texture of “mud acne”.  Course design is also an issue, although the greens were in good nick and rolled smoothly.

The brochure:


The reality:


The two leaders went head-to-head for the green jacket.  Unfortunately for Nifty, he slipped on the front nine and despite coming back later in the round, he saw his two shot overnight lead turn into a two shot deficit as Iggy took out the Green Jacket.  Iggy also took out the Auld Mug in a tightly fought contest that was a triumph for both the handicapper and the kooky COD handicapping system.

Notable Incident – Duuungo slamming a big tee shot into the sand box next to the ladies tee on the 17th; genuine side splitting laughter.

Green Jacket Auld Mug
258      Iggy (83,88,87) 226      Iggy (74,78,74)
260      Nifty (81,88,91) 230      Nifty (72,79,79)
283      Duuungo (98,88,97) 231      Hujakate (80,73,78)
293      Hujakate (98,95,100) 232      Inda (90,64,78)
296      Inda (108,91,97) 233      Duuungo (84,68,81)
347      Sheahan (115,111,121) 244      Sheahan (85,75,84)

Drive for show….



Putt for dough….



A new champion is crowned – Iggy Pop.