COD 2018

The 2018 Mouth of COD Invitational was curated by Iggy Pop, taking in the Buninyong, Trentham and Ballarat Golf Clubs.

Day 1

COD 2018 got off to a terrific start at Buninyong Golf Club.

First things first, and Hujakate had once again come up with a tournament shirt of more than dubious sartorial splendour.


Thanks to, carts were used by all except a recalcitrant Iggy.  An equally recalcitrant Mike Sheahan threw off his tournament shirt after two holes.

Buninyong is an interesting course with good greens, but the lack of rain made fairways hard – ideal for tee shots to scuttle and run, not so ideal for fairway shots to attack the flag.

Despite his aversion to carts, Nifty started out brightly and was the Green Jacket leader after Day 1.  But the big news was the form of The Elegance.  After talking himself down pre-tournament, he came up with a very tidy 94 – including a chip in on the 18th – to finish with a nett 62.

After Day 1:




Nifty 83 8 75
Dunnngo 88 15 73
IggyPop 89 12 77
Indahouse 90 18 72
The Elegance 94 32 62
Hujakate 103 21 82
Dr Tushy 116 36 80
Mike Sheahan 121 35 86

Day 2

Following a night at exclusive Tarilta Towers, Day 2 action took place in magnificent weather at Trentham Golf Club.

Similarly to Buninyong, the lack of rain made for hard fairways, but it’s fair to say that the greens at Trentham are outstanding.  A bit tricky to judge the pace early on with the dew, but once they dried out they were fast and true.

Mike Sheahan was finding the going tough, despite following his new found ball address routine as advised by The Elegance on Day 1.


Having seen his handicap drift out by 4 strokes after Day 1, Iggy got back into form with a 79.


Nifty continued his form with an 80, but once again The Elegance made a mockery of his handicap with an 89 – nett 62.

A new competition was run simultaneously on Day 2 – a 4 Ball Best Ball where teams of two score points if either player is nett under par for the hole.  This competition – for the very handsome looking Odd Couple Plate – was won by Hujakate and Iggy.


After Day 2:




Total Score

Total Nett

Nifty 80 9 71 163 145
Iggy Pop 79 16 63 168 140
Dunnngo 93 16 77 181 150
The Elegance 89 27 62 183 124
Indahouse 95 18 77 185 149
Hujakate 94 26 68 197 150
Dr Tushy 114 40 74 230 154
Mike Sheahan 117 42 75 238 161

Day 3

A fabulous meal at The Forge pizzeria and a night at the gloriously retro Bell Tower Inn put CODsters in a great frame of mind for the deciding day’s action at Royal Ballarat Golf Club.

It seems almost mandatory at the COD that an early tee off means breakfast can only be held at the evil Golden Arches.


The weather was once again superb, although a stiff breeze on the opening tee tested all but Inda and Nifty, who parred. This meant Nifty had stretched his overnight lead to 6 strokes – but danger was afoot.

Winningest Green Jacket winner Nifty suddenly collapsed with double and triple bogeys – after 4 holes, the Green Jacket was all square between Nifty and Iggy Pop.

But the champ got off the canvas with three straight pars, slugging it out with Iggy in an epic contest. Iggy, however, had other ideas, peeling off par-birdie-par to finish the front nine with a sizzling 38 – three strokes in the lead.

Meanwhile in Reserve Grade, it was Inda setting the “pace” (if you can call it that). Then at the par 5 10th hole, COD history was made with all four players – Indahouse, Hujakate, Mike Sheahan and Dr Tushy – recording a pick-up double-par 10 in a cornucopia of incompetence.

Tushy may be at the wrong end of the leader board, but who could deny that he looks anything other than a low ranking touring pro?


And who could deny that Inda looks anything other than…. a Queenslander?


The battle royale continued over the back nine but Nifty could not make any headway on Iggy, each recording a 41. This left Iggy Pop as the 2018 Mouth of COD Invitational Green Jacket winner!


The quiet achiever on the final day was El Gamble, posting a pair of 49s to run out Auld Mug winner by a whopping 7 strokes in a truly triumphant return to COD action. In his unassuming way, he packed his trophy before anyone could take a photo – such a modest man.

The wash up:




Total Score

Total Nett

Iggy Pop 79 12 67 247 207
Nifty 87 9 78 250 223
Dunnngo 99 19 80 280 230
The Elegance 98 22 76 281 200
Indahouse 103 21 82 288 231
Hujakate 108 24 84 305 234
Dr Tushy 117 41 76 347 230
Mike Sheahan 118 44 74 356 235