COD 2009

After the Black Saturday fires rendered Horsham unavailable, the 2009 COD was moved to the Mt Gambier Golf Club in South Australia.  The quick re-organisation of course and accommodation was a triumph of administration by The Elegance and Indahouse – unfortunately the tournament itself wasn’t quite as triumphant.


The die was cast on the final day when the injury prone Dr Tushy declared himself unfit and offered to be a drinks wench in a motorised cart.  Sponsors’ product flowed freely and player behaviour deteriorated.

COD etiquette, never a highbrow affair at the best of times, reached a new low with putting surface urination and defecation in the woods.  CODsters continued to carry on like pork chops in full view of the clubhouse.  It was an ugly scene.

Worse was to follow.  At the post tournament presentation, a small coterie of CODsters was somehow dissatisfied with the efforts of tournament organisers Indahouse and The Elegance – “too many rules”, “too many stupid prizes”, “sick of being told what to do”.  Tense scenes ensued.

A coup of sorts took place with Swampie and The Hoff declaring that they would be co-presidents for COD 2010.  It would, they said, be “ze best COD ever”.

It is almost lost in the fog of history that Nifty took out the Green Jacket.