The following is a blog entry from April 26 2020.

It’s been six months now since our great friend Iggy left us.  All of us have had great trouble making sense of it – even the normally voluble Hujakate struggled to come up with the words.  Eventually, with the help of a few Codsters, he did.

Ian “Iggy” McDonald


A lovely, courageous, super smart yet humble and down to earth, ripper guy.
Iggy was ever so much what the Cod encapsulates, giving his best with great
Aussie humour and wit, then enjoying every moment possible with family and
friends. He will leave an indelible legacy on the Cod. He welcomed us all into his
home, showed us the best of country Victoria, and the beloved “Odd Couple
Plate” plate will always be the trophy to which we truly aspire.

Iggy was a champion bloke and a true gentleman of the Cod. I think we all felt
humbled that he made such an effort in the face of extreme pain to grace us with
his presence at Cod 2019.

There are some things on this earth that cannot be explained and justice at times
is f@cked! For there are some whose loss just leaves the world poorer.

I think we have lost a great friend.

Rest in peace Iggy.

You fought a great fight, so enjoy that drink upstairs with ya Dad and Pants Millane!

Fine sentiments.  We were certainly privileged to have spent some time at Tarilta Towers in 2018, playing snooker and poring over his library of books ranging from politics to history to his beloved Collingwood.

The courage Iggy showed to attend Cod 2019 was amazing; I feel extra privileged to have roomed with him on that trip.  And despite the pain and the truckload of medication he was taking, he still walked the course each day and made it to the pub each night.  I love this study of concentration with The Elegance as they watch the footy.


Vale Ian McDonald.  Your wit and wisdom is missed.