COD 2018

Lock it in – the 2018 Mouth of COD Invitational will take place in the beautiful Ballarat region from April 6-8.

Eight of the flakiest golfers will battle it out over three rounds to claim the Green Jacket and Auld Mug.  In particular, this year will see the most welcome return of Dr Tushy and The Elegance.

Many questions need to be answered:

  • Will Nifty continue his Green Jacket run?
  • Can Iggy take advantage of his home courses?
  • Will Tony be suffering from radiation lethargy?
  • Will the courses be up to Duuungo’s standard?
  • Is The Elegance still a factor?
  • Can Mike Sheahan hit another parabolic 5 wood nearest to pin?
  • Will Tushy last the three days?
  • Can Inda repeat his 2014 triumph?

Don’t miss “The Spat in the ‘Rat”!

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