Dunnngo Turns Pro

Dunnngo has turned up the heat on his COD rivals with a pronouncement nearly three months out from this year’s tournament:

I feel it is time to start the talking up of my COD performance in 2018. In realisation of the fact that I have only ever choked in the past and never really performed for 3 days running, that for COD18, I have resigned in order to go pro one week prior to the great event. This is in order to be fully rested from the little issues in life (ie. work pressures, dumb bosses etc), and fully prepared for COD18.

A big statement from Big Phil.

So in 2018, will we see Smooth Phil…. or Meccano Man Phil?


2 thoughts on “Dunnngo Turns Pro”

  1. If you fail to win the Cod on your home track of the exclusive National GC what chance of taking home the Green jacket after 3 days amongst the fine gentry of Ballarat?

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