2018 COD – Day 2, Trentham

Following a night at exclusive Tarilta Towers, Day 2 action took place in magnificent weather at Trentham Golf Club.

Similarly to Buninyong, the lack of rain made for hard fairways, but it’s fair to say that the greens at Trentham are outstanding.  A bit tricky to judge the pace early on with the dew, but once they dried out they were fast and true.

Mike Sheahan was finding the going tough, despite following his new found ball address routine as advised by The Elegance on Day 1.


Having seen his handicap drift out by 4 strokes after Day 1, Iggy got back into form with a 79.


Nifty continued his form with an 80, but once again The Elegance made a mockery of his handicap with an 89 – nett 62.

A new competition was run simultaneously on Day 2 – a 4 Ball Best Ball where teams of two score points if either player is nett under par for the hole.  This competition – for the very handsome looking Odd Couple Plate – was won by Hujakate and Iggy.


After Day 2:




Total Score

Total Nett


80 9 71 163 145

Iggy Pop

79 16 63 168 140


93 16 77 181 150

The Elegance

89 27 62 183 124


95 18 77 185 149


94 26 68 197 150

Dr Tushy

114 40 74 230 154

Mike Sheahan

117 42 75 238 161

2 thoughts on “2018 COD – Day 2, Trentham”

  1. Couple of other highlights of Trentham.
    The golf ATM to pay your green fees. “No Change Given” A veteran Codster inserts $50 and rather shocked he cannot get $20 change as well as his golf fees receipt. GOLD
    Par 4 Long Drive holes and won by Iggy.
    NTPs on shots that travelled 100+ metres along the ground.
    All up a beautiful country course, narrow fairways but excellent greens.

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