No Change Given

The COD always provides great value for money, which is just as well given some CODsters are renowned for looking after their pennies.  Day 2 of COD 2018 at Trentham, however, saw one CODster not pay attention to the not-so-fine print.

Upon arriving at the clubhouse, there is nobody to take our money.  Instead, there is an honour system not unlike the one at Mount Chalambar.  The difference here is that it is mechanised, with a machine dispensing tickets in exchange for your green fees.  And it accepts both notes and EFTPOS.


Paywave – brilliant!  The boys line up and wave their VISAs, collecting their tickets and moving on their way.  And then comes Hujakate.

The man from the Marshall Islands inserts a $50 note for his $30 green fees, collects his ticket and waits…. for his change…. which never comes.  After some well chosen expletives it is then pointed out to him….


You’ve done your dough, Tony!


2 thoughts on “No Change Given”

  1. Where would we be without Hujakate to provide a memorable moment or two on each COD. Let us just hope that all future venues are cashless and that restaurants must have Frog in the Pond on their dessert menu.

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  2. there comes a time when even the most pithy response is nothing but a wispy veil to the stupidity that hides beneath … so it best to simply acknowledge one’s own foolishness and move on


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