Sheahan the Burglar King

In the biggest shock since Clare Lindop booted Rebel Raider home at 100/1 in the 2008 Victorian Derby, Mike Sheahan has come from the clouds to take out the Auld Mug for 2019.

Dr Tushy made the early running, being the only CODster to play to his handicap at The Glades. And after day 2 at Tallebudgera, he was still in pole position to win the Mug.  But Sheahan’s woes at the championship course had seen his handicap blow out to 50 and the friendlier Tallebudgera layout allowed him to shoot a mind boggling net 52 to storm into contention.  Hujakate sat between this pair in second place as the final day started at Surfers Paradise.

As both Tushy’s body and Hujakate’s game began to disintegrate, Sheahan just kept hitting his new Callaway driver mostly down the middle to set up another larcenous net round of 57 and win the Auld Mug by 10 strokes from de Huge.

Many thanks to The Elegance, last year’s winner, for procuring a fine new Auld Mug – looking somewhat like the Thomas Seymour Hill Cup mounted on something you’d win from Woodville Bowl.


5 thoughts on “Sheahan the Burglar King”

  1. A wonderful win from a well deserved Cod veteran … who outlasted the pretenders magnificently … but … as many of the colourful names on the Auld Mug have learned to their chagrin … it is rare to burgle the same house twice! Such is the beauty of the COD handicapping system!! 🙂

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  2. Well done to McAlmanac. And to think, I was there fine tuning his x squared pure sine wave shaped drives back in 1998 at Royal Burnley, (with some help from the 1987 Vanuatu open runner up Ron Lebrocque), so I’d like to think a substantial sling from his winners cheque might be coming my way.

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    1. I can hear Ron’s words ringing in my head on every tee.

      I played Royal Burnley a couple of weeks before the Cod. It actually had cushioned grass fairways, fluffy white sand bunkers and greens that could almost be called slick. They’ve spent some money there.


  3. Well done McAlmanac and congratulations on holding it together for three rounds. Good to see that the investment paid off – if you buy a full set before COD 2020 you may be challenging for the Green Jacket. Love the reference to the Woody Bowl – brings back many memories from my youth. Roll on COD 2020.


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