Royal Yarrambat Classic 2020

Trash talk was the winner when another instalment of the Royal Yarrambat Classic was conducted last Sunday.

Steve Cairns joined Hujakate, Dunnngo and Mike Sheahan, bringing with him a set of Jack Newton clubs that would have warmed Soft Bock’s heart.

In true Melbourne style, there were four seasons just over the first nine holes. If rain and wind squalls weren’t enough, Sheahan faced another obstacle following yet another wayward shot….

Hujakate’s hyena laugh reverberated in trademark fashion all day – here he is in action wearing the shorts that will go through a 200 game banner in their next appearance on the Cod circuit.

Everyone had their moments (particularly “I haven’t played in 5 years” Steve) but ultimately it was Dunnngo who took the glory on the day – seen here attacking the “glory hole”.

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