Mr Joshua Hits Horsham

COD 2009 in Mt Gambier became infamous for a level of course demeanour which cast a dark shadow over the tournament’s standing in rural Australia.  But it may be that the seeds of debauchery were sown at the 2008 COD in Horsham….

More renowned for inconsistent golf and stale cookies, Mr Joshua‘s antics at Horsham are worthy of scrutiny.

Just what is going on here with Swampie?

Picture 347Picture 346

Or with The Hoff?

Picture 343

A spot of TAB action and Mr J looks a bit slaughtered.

Picture 380

On to a different pub with some sort of Gazman catalogue pose.  I must say that Chav did well to complete the weekend’s golfing after suffering a stroke.

Picture 397

Mr J was always in the action, whether it be pulling birds or attracting drunks.

Picture 352Picture 401

Finally, doesn’t every late night shenanigan end with pizza at some crazy hour?

Picture 407

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