Top 5 Dumbest COD Moments

The COD throws up many magical moments of sporting triumph – and some not so magical.  Who better than Hujakate to wax lyrical about his fellow Codsters’ misfortune?


There are moments in our lives which define us.

Moments which cut through the frail veneer of our outward persona and reveal the depth and complexity and wonder of our myriad selves.  Moments of beauty and passion and colour and vibrancy and celebration. Moments of grief and joy and love immemorial.

And then there are those moments… where we are just stupid.

Let me pay homage to just a few of these, in this, the DOOFUS FILE!!

DOOFUS # 1 – Dunngo

Who can ever forget the great man at the first Brisbane COD, deciding to get some practice balls before the game and expecting the ball dispensing machine to put the bucket underneath the dispenser for him.  The perplexed, “why is this happening” look on his face as 50 balls ricocheted all over the concrete apron outside the pro-shop was matched only by the incredulous “how could anyone be that dumb” look on ALL the other faces nearby.

DOOFUS # 2 – Indahouse

Inda – water.  On the same COD – infamously declaring in an imperious tone “there’s no water on this hole!” as he waved the card as evidence… only to have his voice drowned out by the roar of the ski-boat and jet skis as they roared past on the river 20 metres away.

DOOFUS #3 – Pommy

Pommy – COD legend that he is.  Content not just to drop 13 consecutive balls into a water-carry par 3 on the mighty Murray Downs as 20 CODsters watched on … banked up in 10 carts behind him – he then proceeded to put the 14th into the lake-bank opposite… before taking a drop on the other side of the lake, and then hitting it at 90 degrees into the cart of his playing partner.  You couldn’t write that script.

DOODUS #4 – Dunnngo

Fabulous again … repeat offender that he is.  Playing cards… Spits AGAIN… loses AGAIN… and the good Doctor Tushy shakes his head disbelievingly to enunciate clearly “EVEN LAB RATS LEARN EVENTUALLY!”

DOOFUS #5 – Indahouse

Inda again and again – “Has anyone seen my 9 iron … can you check your bags … I think I left it at a previous hole”.

“Err … Jeff … is that your 9-iron in your hand?”

Once funny … but to do the same thing with your sunnies is just freaking hilarious.


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