Return To Growling Frog

The build up to COD 2021 at Tocumwal continued recently when Mike Sheahan and Hujakate returned to Growling Frog, one of the host courses from COD 2017.

Unlimited golf after 2pm for $32 was the drawcard, which is great value at a course like the Frog. It’s fair to say that the course was in showroom condition.

It’s also fair to say that when Divinyls wrote the song Pleasure and Pain it was probably after a round at Growling Frog. It’s a fine line between the immaculate carpet-like fairways and the unplayable reeds and marshes; there is seemingly no in between. With Hujakate’s trademark erratic style finding almost constant trouble, Sheahan was a shot up after 7 holes – was an upset on the cards?

Sadly, par 5 blowouts ended any notions of a Sheahan victory. Nobody broke 100 but on a day like this it’s just wonderful to be strolling the fairways.

And as always, there was something wacky to make you laugh – how did Huja end up here? And how long did the clubface stay glued to the ball on the way up?

The 19th hole also saw the discovery of Leishman Lager, a project supporting Top 5 Masters finisher Marc Leishman’s charity project. It’s quite possibly the tastiest mid strength lager I’ve ever tried, although I’m not sure about the claim that “on and off the course Marc Leishman is Australia’s most loved athlete”.

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