Sheahan’s Serendipity

As Christmas approaches, here’s a heart warming tale of love, redemption and serendipity.

Many years ago, just months after purchasing my new golf clubs, I was playing a round at Tullamarine with a good mate. Badly, of course. It was after yet another very ordinary approach shot that I threw my 8 iron at my bag – and watched the graphite shaft snap right near the club head. I have played without an 8 iron ever since.

Fast forward to May 2018.

I have taken some long service leave to look after my wife after her (second – ouch) total knee replacement. This involved driving her to appointments almost daily – GP, surgeon, pain management specialist and outpatient physio rehab at Cabrini in Elsternwick.

The general scheme was drop off, drink coffee somewhere, find a wine shop, etc, then pick up. Elsternwick has a fine array of op shops and one day I sauntered into the Sacred Heart Mission store (possibly the finest).

I spotted a few golf bags with quite a number of miscellaneous clubs. They were all pretty much either rusted or of the craptastic Tommy Armour variety and marked at $5. Still, doesn’t hurt to look – and then, like the Star of Bethlehem, it shone brightly before me….

A brand new Slazenger Panther Pro 8 iron, its handle still wrapped in plastic! Turns out there’s a note on the grip to say it was a right hand club found in a left hand set and returned. A serendipitous find and a bargain at $15!


2 thoughts on “Sheahan’s Serendipity”

  1. I can attest that that eight iron you launched at Tullamarine Public was not only your best swing for the day, flights in and out of Tullamarine were delayed for half an hour, and the airport on high alert after the ground radar picked up,”an unidentified rotating cigar shaped object travelling at high speeds parallel to the apron of runway 34″.


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