Inda’s Big Day Out

Everyone enters the COD hoping that this will be their year – be it the Green Jacket, Auld Mug or simply improving their handicap and standing in the COD community.  Unfortunately for Inda, things didn’t work out in 2018….

Despite a couple of decent showings on the first two days, Inda found himself in the “Reserves” on Day 3 thanks to the unexpected good form of The Elegance.  Battling away with the likes of Dr Tushy and Mike Sheahan must have been a bitter pill to swallow for a man who had recently acquired an official Golf Australia handicap.  And Day 3 just didn’t go his way.

Imagine just coming up short to the green then suffering the ignominy of Hujakate (with the pin stuck up his arse) laughing at your predicament.


Looks like a tough shot, but Inda’s thinking his way through it.


“Now if I just….”


Sadly not.


Even worse to follow on the now-infamous par 5 10th – where all four playing partners recorded a double par pick up.  Inda smacked a couple of balls into the creek that straddles the fairway….


COD Sport had to stop filming when a most urgent cry for help rang out.  And it was a desperate shriek – in trying to retrieve his second ball, Inda was sliding into the creek face first and had to be pulled back by the ankles!

A tough day at the office – all part of the COD’s rich tapestry.

2 thoughts on “Inda’s Big Day Out”

  1. Great work Macca, plus to also capture Hujakate with a flag where many may wish it ended during a round, as a truckload of Codsters have had to endure this most annoying of playing partners. Certainly ever grateful that you rescued me from sliding into the creek! Ballarat GC a most memorable and challenging day.
    Cheers, Inda

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